We are raising awareness for The Great British Cook Book through our “The Great British Cookbook Onion Chopping challenge”

Our aim is to get as many chefs to take up the challenge and record/film them chopping as many onions in 30 seconds.  (They can be posted on our Face Book and Twitter page)


If you can use the hashtag #gbcookbook  @gbcookbookgary @GBCookBook  @macmillancancer  @HospAction     


We will create a leader board and will post Chef Name – Venue – Region – Onions chopped


Don’t forget to nominate a challenger!!  


We look forward to getting as many chefs involved to help raise awareness for the book and the charities it supports.


The challenge starts today 1st of Nov and we will announce the winner 1st of Dec 2016




Red or white Standard size onions - Peeled already

You have to chop the onion in half, then cut both halves into slices (Not diced)


You only have 30 seconds starting from the first cut, to chop as many onions as possible


The winner will be the most onions chopped in the 30 seconds


Good luck!